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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Alhamdullillah (All praises to Allah), myHoney, youngest son (so far…) and I were given the opportunity to be Allah guests to visit both the al Harams, namely Mecca and Nabawi mosques. It was a wonderful and productive holidays for us. Some moments they were challenging, energy-driven and patient-test. However we enjoyed every minute of it.

All walks of life

We saw all walk of lives in both the al Harams (mosques in Mecca & Medina). We recognised and appreciated now the meaning of borderless world. It was also proven to us that religion and Islam is universal.

MasyaAllah (Allah the all Mighty), there were many of “we” and “they”. The fair, the dark & the in-between. The whites were among others, look-a-like of Van Diesel and Bratt Pitt (reminded me of his bold-head look). The dark people were look-a-like of Mr T (the A team), Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington.  The many handsome Hindustan were such as the mirror images of Amitabh Bachaan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

The lady look-a-like were Angeline Jolie (reminded me when she wore the head gear / scarf in Afghanistan), Naomi Campbell and Aswarya Rai. Unfortunately we (or I...) did not meet look-a-like of Tiz Zaqiah, Fasha Sanda, Liza Surihani and company.

We also saw people from various backgrounds, poor and rich, were able to come because they were invited by the all Mighty. On Friday we met millions of these jemaah. We were informed that some of them came through land.

Medina: Nabawi mosque

The weather was hot, about 40°C and dry in Medina. However it was interesting to see Arabs sitting around the mosque in the night while their children played and ran around and others even rolled around the mosque with their skateboards.

Figure 1 Day view outside Nabawi mosque

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Tool and Die Design

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